The Dunstwolke Project


Dunstwolke is a project that tries another approach to a personal cloud. The core idea is to have a decentralized, ad-hoc computer network that connects several services to a nice personal experience.

What started the project was the following thought:

Why should my wireless headset be connected uniquely to my laptop / mobile phone? If i could connect the headset to all of my personal devices and just mix the audio streams on the headset…

I would somehome have to interface with the headset…

And why shouldn't the headset itself play the music and only read the mp3 file from a device with storage in local reach?

These thoughts lead to a more complex idea of a system that can access and control several devices connected into a decentralized network with storage, remote user interfaces and floating applications.

Prototypes and Concepts

Right now most of the Dunstwolke Project is in early prototype stage or only exists as a concept:

Source Code

The project is written in Zig and is available on GitHub:

The Name

The name Dunstwolke is a portmanteau of the german Dunstkreis (a sphere of influence) and Wolke (cloud).

Also Dunst itself is translated as haze, so it also fits the cloud topic.