A decentralized file system that is more similar to a typical Booru than to a classic file system.


Each file is identified by a unique id and has a set of tags. Files are opened via their ID and not via a file path.

Tags are used to identify files quickly by the user and are free-form text input. Some example tags might be Vacation, Summer '21, Bachelor Thesis, ...

There are some mandatory (and mostly auto-created) tags though:

  • The time tag YYYY/MM/DD to identify the file creation date
  • The media type in the format defined in RFC 2045, for example text/plain
  • A optional tag executable for Dunstwolke applications
  • A optional tag transcendent for files that will be replicated between all devices
  • A optional tag local for files that will never be replicated or transferred between devices

Files are stored locally on devices, but are accessible from other devices via Dunstnetz. Files can exist on multiple devices at the same time and will be synchronized automatically between all available devices. 1